Unconventional Manners


In 1951 an unknown Canadian was beaten in a hill climb by a rich arrogant Austrian by the name of Max Hoffman.  Hoffman would go on to become part of the Porsche legend and amass a great fortune.  Marshall Green would remain impoverished his entire life, own the first Porsche in Canada, patent 13 inventions for others, drink too much, become national model airplane champion, and raise one son in an unconventional manner.  He would die alone in 1982.  Two months later his great friend—also Canadian, model airplane champion, heavy drinker, unsung sports hero, brilliant mathematician, and sports car enthusiast—Sam Stallard would also die alone and impoverished, he as well having raised one son in an unconventional manner.  This movie is dedicated to these two fathers by their sons.  Cheers, dads.  You are not forgotten after all!


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