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About the Quantum Run

In the fall of 1975, a high school dropout was walking along a Brown University hallway in Providence, Rhode Island when he was inexplicably drawn to a hand-written file card tacked to a bulletin board.  It read:

1956 Porsche 356A 1600S For Sale.


Without any logic or good sense the fellow decided he had to purchase the car.  He had been living above Duke’s Poolroom, sleeping on the floor in a tattered black raincoat he had bought in a general store on Isleboro, Maine for a dime.  He had been near starving, scouring the bleak windy streets for lost change, hustling pool when he had any money to hustle with, too proud to beg.  He was seventeen years old but would turn eighteen on December  1st.

“I’m going to buy that car.  I know I am.”

Quantum Run 356

The basic premise is having two (2) identical 1955-1956 Porsche 356s built to my (Eric Green) exact specifications as works of art, and then they will be driven across America as a conceptual art piece.  A number of people will being joining the drive and perhaps the movie, including QC, Jim Sitz, Amanda Green, David Kroesen, Garrett Randolph, and so on.  The dashboards will carry my father’s signature, and the badging will read Continental.  My hope is that these will be the most beautiful and poetic 356s ever made.

[It seems that the second car has been defaulted upon, which leaves me holding 5k in duplicate bits and parts.  If anyone is interested, please contact. 207.338.5583 or [email protected]]


The conceptual piece is the realization of the two identical cars with all the visual reality of two (2) two-million dollar cars passing a viewer on the highway within a minute, which is a virtually impossible occurrence.  A type of Time Diptych?  A shift in the possibilities of reality?  A simple joy?  A tiny insignificant jolt in the perfect construct of God?  It will be titled Quantum Run 356.  Think how lovely it would be to sit beside each other or beside the one you love or admire most for a section of highway.  The possibilities are more than endless, just as the American highway is endless because no one can travel every road in one lifetime.  But I have come to realize that half a dream is much better than no dream.  Cheers!




This concept is now protected by copyright law. Anyone attempting to steal this idea will meet our lawyer, The Horn, and be prosecuted to full extend of the law and beyond!  The Horn only asks politely once.




Original print by Eric Green from 1976.  Available now for $750 each, about 5 left out of 80.  Even Steve McQueen, Gary and Rod Emory, and Craig Lawson had this image on their walls as far back as 1977.

Below is the legendary QC reunited with the original print after a long long wait.  Cheers, my true psychic brother of the honorable life.



The guy who looks like a degenerate rock-band roadie is me.  The handsome guy is Allan. The day was when the record up the mountain was set.  My wife and that rather quick fellow named Travis (0 to 60 in under 2 seconds?).  It was her luck that did it!  And Travis’s iron balls.