What Have I Done?

40 years is a long time to wait to fulfill a dream of honoring your father who died broke and forgotten and denied his legacy in the automobile world, the model airplane world, and the paper-making world.  I am going to correct that as long as I am still alive.

Here, we will concentrate on my father’s automotive history.  He created sports car racing in Canada with Jack Luck in 1951.  He bought a very early MG TC.  He raced a highly modified TD for the MG factory, which was undefeated until it came up against a very early Glockler-Porsche in 1951.  My dad immediately contacted Ferry Porsche in Germany and bought the first 356 in Canada in 1952, which arrived in May of that year (vin 11560).  Understand, he was still at home living with his mother (awful woman) in Montreal and accomplished this on an engineer’s meager wages.  My dad never even knew what a silver spoon was.  Nor would he have cared.

These movies arrived yesterday.  This was the first time I saw the car actually driving, this 356 I’d envisioned over a 40 year period.  I had planned for about every detail, including the exhaust sound, but what I did not plan on was this:  I burst into tears on seeing and hearing it DRIVE.  And that’s what this car is for and only for: to drive the open road.  “Cheers, Dad!  We did it!”